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Exploring a new idea or partnering with an existing startup: at Imagination Machine, each project begins with a meeting with an entrepreneur - or several!

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Call for idealistic entrepreneurs

The Imagination Machine studio

In 5 years, we have co-founded 9 startups.
Our next goal? Building the next 10 impact champion startups by 2025.
Driven by Rob Spiro and Émilie Abel, the studio develops projects with social and/or environmental impact throughout Europe.

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Startups that change the world

Build a startup with Imagination Machine

We create startups to change the world

Imagination Machine is looking for talented entrepreneurs to accelerate their own project or to explore new tracks.

Frequently asked questions

We invest on average €200k in the exploration phase, including co-founders fees. If the project is market validated, Imagination Machine will be able to invest up to an additional €500k.

First, you’re on a freelance mission to explore the opportunity and assess whether or not it’s promising enough to lead to the creation of a business. We pay you for this research, depending on your profile.

If the market opportunity is validated, Imagination Machine provides the financing needed to create a company & first round of seed financing. You then become a cofounder of the company (together with the other entrepreneur/s-in-residence) without needing to invest financially.

We are pragmatic 🙂 We decide to start working with an entrepreneur-in-residence when we feel like there’s a great fit. And if, together, we believe there’s a need for another co-founder, we look for that rare pearl together. The first co-founder is therefore part of the “recruitment” team.

Yes of course! Our startup studio model allows us to create teams to take charge of opportunities identified by us and/or to finance existing startups in the early stages that excite us.

You can join Imagination Machine wherever you are; we work remotely. We meet at least every 2 months to spend time together and encourage exchanges between projects. And if you like office life, we offer offices in Nantes and Paris as a start.

Changing the world and launching your startup won’t be a lonely process 🙂