Second hand for 0-16 years

Smala, second hand like new for kids

Smala is the second-hand children’s brand that offers a first-hand shopping experience. The e-commerce site allows the team to buy and resell certified second-hand clothing in excellent condition for children aged 0 to 16.

The service is designed to make life easier for parents, since the team takes care of everything: sorting, ironing, photos, shipping, and quality service.

In 2022, the start-up, which was previously called “Il était plusieurs fois”, became Smala, reinventing the brand. The goal: to be the expert in the second-hand children’s market… A colossal market!

Meet the co-founders

Sustainable Development Goals


Responsible consumption and production

In 2023, Smala will have processed 700,000 second-hand clothes and thus saved nearly 120 million liters of water.