Organic feminine hygiene products

Jho is the digital, organic brand, respectful of women and the planet

The brand that supports women in all stages of their life!

Launched in 2018 following the unprecedented health scandal over the composition of menstrual protection, Jho’s mission is to offer a healthy alternative for the body with 2 founding values: Fairness & Honesty.

“Honesty,” because menstrual protection and feminine care products are certified organic: effective, gentle and made of natural materials
“Fairness,” because for each product purchased, Jho donates 1.7% of its turnover to 5 associations dedicated to women in precarious situations. Since the first package sold, Jho has donated more than €136,000!

With 75,000 customers and 250 partner boutiques, Jho has revolutionized the feminine hygiene market as the first brand to talk about femininity, periods and urinary leakage without restraint. Jho has the widest organic range of hygiene products to take care of each stage of life and champions easy access to its products in numerous companies, communities and universities.

Meet the founders

Sustainable development goals


Good health and well-being

Jho has launched a range of products serving women, from their first period until menopause.


Gender equality

Each year, Jho donates 1.7% of sales to 5 NGOs that have a significant impact on the health of hundreds of women.


Responsible consumption and production

Since the first prototype, Jho has manufactured products that are environmentally friendly, certified organic, and respectful of women's bodies.