Green energy at home

Beem, positive energy producer

Beem democratizes access to solar energy and gives you back control of your home’s electricity consumption! Beem develops and markets a range of hardware and software products with an unrivaled user experience that generates positive emotions and makes people want to take control of their energy.

Beem launched an aesthetic, modular, and connected plug & play solar kit on the market in 2020 that allows anyone to become a producer and consumer of their own green and local energy, in less than an hour .

The goal? Greater energy autonomy, optimization of electricity consumption, and a reduction in the carbon footprint of Beemers.

Ralph Feghali
“Rob and Émilie were our operational partners to initiate the user research dynamic from the first day of Beem. 4 years later, we are in Series A, and they are still involved as our wise and ambitious advisors and our strategic partners helping us take the Beem adventure even further”

Ralph Feghali
CEO Beem

Meet the co-founders

Objectifs de développement durable


Affordable and clean energy

Through comprehensive optimization, Beem offers innovative products at a very competitive price in the solar energy industry


Climate action

Low prices and easy installation make Beem products real solutions for the ecological transition.