Les mini-mondes

Introducing children to the world

Les Mini Mondes, the saga to discover the world !

Les Mini Mondes’ journey started from a devastating observation: the toy industry in France creates 75,000 tonnes of waste per year, the toys are mostly made in China, and most of them are out of step with contemporary ideas about gender. The team looked into the subject and decided to shake things up a little.

Mission accomplished: Les Mini Mondes introduces children aged 1 to 11 to the world! Oscar and Sacha, our two heroes, travel the world behind the wheel of their van. They are cool, fun, and inspiring.

Children follow their adventures in magazines, by subscription or individually purchased andevery stop leads to a total immersion in a country of the world with stories, games, recipes, etc. Toys associated with the stories are made in France from recycled plastic, and include cards, board games, books… And still come? Play areas (first opening in 2023) and a first animated series (fingers crossed).
Les Mini Mondes’ mission is to awaken children’s curiosity, open them to the world, and get them moving while showing the whole industry we can make fun products while promoting local manufacturing and recycled materials !

Le Mini Mondes have quickly established themselves as an important player in the world of children’s toys and entertainment, and its goal is to become a worldwide phenomenon, with our 2 little adventurers the heroes of all children!

Meet the cofounders

Sustainable Development Goals


Quality education

The Duchemin family, at the heart of Les Mini Mondes story, sets out to discover all the countries in the world and to meet local characters. The story dispenses with stereotypical character associations like firefighters for boys and princesses for girls. It’s intended to be non-gendered, inclusive, and to offer a responsible and caring pedagogy.


Responsible consumption and production

Les Mini Mondes produces its toys from recycled PLA (waste from the production of yogurt trays) and recycled PP (plastic bottles) and recovers its defective products to produce new parts.