The Care & Repair partner for brands

We want to make Care & Repair an everyday reflex

Our mission at Prolong is to extend the life of products on the market. To achieve this, we help brands make Care & Repair an experience as magical as the act of buying. It’s an exciting challenge, with such high potential!

Prolong is the B2B SaaS platform that enables brands and retailers to orchestrate Care & Repair services on a global scale, leveraging data and network effects seamlessly. With Prolong, brands can enhance the post-purchase customer experience and generate new revenue, while significantly reducing their environmental footprint.

The exploration phase began at the end of 2022. Prolong will be available on the market in autumn 2023, with 2 top customers already on board.

“Based on my idea around repair, we spent 6 months with the studio interviewing players in the sector, testing value propositions, etc. I appreciate the team's operational commitment and the strategic exchanges to make Prolong the #1 B2B player in Care & Repair.”

Tanguy Frécon
CEO Prolong

Meet with the founders

Sustainable development goals


Responsible consumption and production

At Prolong, we want to change the figures that "hurt":
• On average, a person buys 40% more clothes than 15 years ago, and keeps them half as long (Ademe)
• 82% of textiles categorized as “waste” can actually be cleaned or repaired for reuse (Ellen McArthur Foundation)


Decent work and economic growth

Prolong, helping f the circular economy:
• The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, generating +4 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year, and it is the world's 3rd largest consumer of water (source: Ademe).
• Extending the life of clothing by 9 months would reduce the environmental footprint by 20-30%