BlueCare discovery

Microalgae enabling precision medicine

BlueCare discovery, marine biotechnology startup, to prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases

BlueCare discovery develops microalgae “active ingredients” for precision medicine. We develop innovative medical treatments that are effective and environmentally friendly.

The field of application of innovative bioactive compounds from microalgae is considerable for the Health sector; they could, for example, prevent Alzheimer’s disease. With its proprietary platform, BlueCare will ultimately be able to offer solutions in the nutraceutical, biomedicine, dermato-cosmetics, and animal health sectors, helping to develop the enormous potential of the microalgae sector.

“We draw inspiration from the oceans and their immense biodiversity to develop innovative medical treatments: effective and respectful of the environment. The active ingredients developed are stable and effective for patients, without disturbing the environment once they have been eliminated by the body."

Benoît Serive

Meet the cofounder

Sustainable Development Goals


Good health and well-being

By developing bioactive compounds that help treat illnesses before symptoms appear, BlueCare is contributing to the health revolution.


Life below water

The active ingredients developed must be stable and effective in treatment, without disturbing the environment once they have been eliminated by the body.