We use a custom methodology that combines elements of Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design, and Agile Engineering. The goal is to come up with ambitious ideas rooted in real user problems, then very rapidly find out if (and how) they'll work.

We work in 3-month cycles.  At the end of each cycle, we decide whether to continue investing in a project or not.  We are willing to spend up to 3 cycles – 9 months – working on a project to get to a real launch.

Imagine a new company


Together with a team of talented founders, we imagine new solutions to real user problems. We go deep in our design research to understand our users: their habits, values, unspoken needs.  We build a network of industry experts to help us understand the relevant sector and players.  And with all of this data, we develop and refine our big ideas.

Example of Program
Full days in user interviews and in-the-field design research
Brainstorming with industry experts in the IM network
Masterclasses taught by entrepreneurs and business leaders

Rapid prototyping


With our big idea firmly rooted in real insights, we begin rapid prototyping. Our founding teams usually have all the competencies needed to rapidly prototype their new product or solution, but we'll frequently recruit some help to accelerate the process. We build a small user base of testers that gradually grows as our prototypes become more refined and robust. Before too long, our prototypes are good enough to be real products or services, and the path towards a launch becomes clear.

Example of Program
Weekly releases of usable prototypes
Events and campaigns to build a user community
Coaching by industry experts and successful startuppers
Masterclasses taught by entrepreneurs and business leaders

company scaling


We launch, put robust marketing and sales strategies in place, and start recruiting when necessary to build out the team. The IM network engages to help our companies with partnerships, connections, and distribution. We work with our network of investors to finance our companies for the next step. And once the program is officially done, Imagination Machine remains involved as a partner for years to come. 

Example of program
Launching to the public, guided by the IM playboook
Frequent meetings with potential investors, partners, clients, arranged by IM
Matching with official mentors from the IM network
Pitching at various industry and media events