The founder of Imagination Machine, Rob Spiro, is a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. He first founded Aardvark, a social search engine, which was acquired by Google for $50m. While working at Google he was the product manager on the teams that launched Hangouts and Google+. He went for it again and founded a second startup, Good Eggs, which today counts hundreds of employees and tens of millions in revenue.

On a daily basis, Rob will work very closely with each startup and entrepreneur to teach them the strategies of Silicon Valley startups. You will build for an international market from day 1. You will work in intense 1-week development cycles. You will identify your core customer, hone your value proposition, track the right metrics and learn how to launch. You will get 3 years of education packed into 3 months of hands-on learning.


Imagination Machine relies on a tight web of experienced and trusted advisors, celebrated entrepreneurs, and CEOs in Nantes who founded their startups here and grew them into world-wide companies. All of our advisors are also investors in Imagination machine, and therefore shareholders in each of the startups. Our network of investors will act as mentors and share knowledge and tips within their domains of expertise.
Thanks to our investor-advisors you will be fast-tracked into this tremendous ecosystem and benefit from all it has to offer. You will work on a one-to-one basis with assigned mentors, but you will also take advantage of diverse coaching and group master classes.
The investors of Imagination Machine are not just investors. They are a network of shareholders ready to provide advice and actively participate in the growth and financing of our startups.


It’s no surprise that nearly 10,000 people move to Nantes each year to establish their careers and raise their families. Many publications rate Nantes as the best place to live in France and even Europe, thanks to its excellent quality of life. All of the growth gives the city a dynamic energy and an optimistic vibe.

Nantes has a thriving tech ecosystem, with 20,000 people here working in tech today, not to mention dozens of rapidly-scaling startups. With top-rated schools in engineering, design, materials science and business, Nantes is a city full of talent.

But best of all, Nantes has spirit. It is full of creativity, art and whimsy, where you’ll find art installations around every corner and massive mechanical animals walking down the street. It is a city that celebrates daily life, with incredible food, bustling markets, innovative restaurants and hundreds of cultural events each year. It is a city that lives in harmony with nature, named the Green Capital of Europe a few years ago, with excellent public transport systems, bike lanes, and hundreds of parks. It is surrounded by beautiful vineyards, fruit orchards, and the Atlantic coast...

Imagination Machine is based on l’esprit nantais. We’re looking for startups that share our spirit and want to celebrate it.