To achieve our mission, we create, accelerate & invest in startups that focus on four themes:

Enable healthy daily life


Living a healthy daily life – with good food, clean products, and healthy habits – remains hard for most people.  Sometimes this is because healthy alternatives don't exist to the mass-produced products and services that we need on a daily basis... but more often than not, it's because the healthy alternatives are inaccessible – either less convenient to find, or more expensive, or both.  We believe that technology can be used to invent new healthy products where they don't exist, and to make existing products more accessible to the mass market.  

bring people together


Humans are social creatures, it is our natural state. So it's no surprise that people tend to live happier, more meaningful lives when they spend more time surrounded by family, friends and community. But in our fast-paced, individualistic societies, gathering together is a time-consuming and expensive task. And it seems like these days, the more technology we have, the less time we really spend with other people. We believe that technology can actually help bring people together by reducing the cost and effort to gather, and by making it more natural to spend less time on screens and more time with each other.

Make the world smarter


The engines of manufacturing & production have never been stronger, and our societies are producing massive amounts of energy, infrastructure, and products.  But all this production draws down on finite natural resources, and in many cases leads to garbage that piles up in our backyards and oceans. We believe that technology can help us do more with the energy, infrastructure and products that already exist – through smarter optimization algorithms, circular economies that enable reuse on a massive scale, and more ubiquitous application of renewable energy technologies. The gains will be economic and environmental at the same time, a true win-win.

Make the world smarter


Educational content has flourished on the internet. Smart media, online courses, and real online schools are springing up at an incredible pace. That inspires us. We believe that the right innovations can accelerate this phenomenon and bring great education – throughout life – to more people, at lower prices, in new formats. We're convinced that a smarter world is also a safer, more prosperous, and more fulfilled world.

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We think of technology as a tool, thoughtfulness as a habit, values as an accelerator, and imagination as the source of our power.

Einstein famously said that "imagination is more important than knowledge".  Imagination is our starting point in achieving our mission... to imagine impossible solutions to the world's problems, to go beyond the established patterns of thought and create new rules for the various parts of our societies.