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Imagination Machine

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Imagination Machine is a start-up studio founded in late 2017 by Rob Spiro, a serial entrepreneur from California. Our conviction: entrepreneurship is one of the ways to change the world for the better. To that end, Imagination Machine is involved in large-scale projects that have a positive social or environmental impact. We innovate to improve our consumption habits by creating solutions to access healthy and high quality products. We facilitate connections between people and imagine solutions that will allow all of us to spend more time with friends, family, and our communities. We want to do more by consuming less, encouraging the circular economy, and optimizing our use of existing infrastructure. We are bringing renewable energy technologies to new sectors and adapting them for individuals. We want to make education and smart media accessible to everyone. And we work in other areas as well - wherever our values​ align with great economic opportunities, we’re interested! We build user-centric start-ups employing a methodology that involves interviewing and testing with clients at every phase. We build lean start-ups with rapid prototypes and testing to validate every hypothesis along the way, and everything is built in-house so that we can iterate quickly. We build data-driven start-ups with appropriate metrics, analyzing from the get-go to make our decisions. We are entrepreneurs, not a support structure. With each project we develop, we work with one or more co-founders who choose us as much as we choose them. In that way, we become your co-founder, and our sole concern is to find the right positioning and to create an ambitious start-up while being responsible, all while not taking ourselves too seriously! At first, we’ll be very operationally and strategically involved in the company. As the project progresses, our involvement becomes increasingly spaced out as we look to ultimately become a coach, a strategic thinking partner, and then a member of the board of the start-up.


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