The learning network between managers

UpTogether offers effective solutions for managers who are struggling with navigating hierarchy and its application within their teams. It works as an intra-company co-development program aimed at helping managers instill innovative working methods.

Sustainable Development Goals

With its co-development based methodology, UpTogether promotes better communication and facilitates management within corporate teams


Cofounding team

The Imagination Machine meets Grégoire first, then Emmanuel

April 2019


Beta test with 35 managers, 100% of companies renew



UpTogether enters the Station F Founder’s Program

December 2021


UpTogether is now a team of 7 people. 250 DRH took part in UpTogether discovery workshops in Q4! 20,000+ qualified followers on Linkedin, average views per post: 8000; participation rate in the workshops is 87%

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Currently, 0 job opportunities are available at UpTogether, and in our startups

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