Second-hand clothing e-shop for children 0 to 16 years old, with the feel and quality of new clothes

Smala is a second-hand children's brand which offers a first-hand shopping experience. The e-commerce website allows the team to buy and resell second-hand clothing certified in excellent condition for children 0 to 14 years old. Designed to make life easier for parents, the team takes care of everything: sorting, ironing, taking photos, shipping, and providing quality service. In 2022, the start-up, previously named “Il était plusieurs fois” became Smala, expanding the brand’s horizons. The company’s goal: to be the go-to spot in the second-hand children's market… A colossal goal!

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2021, Smala processed 310,000 second-hand items of clothing saving 44,227,500 liters of water


First tests

Marie creates a Facebook group of mums: the prototype of Il Smala is live!


First meet

The Imagination Machine team meets Marie & Aude for the first time & decides to invest in Smala


Key milestones

Smala sets up in its first real warehouse in Chantenay (200 m2); Aude & Marie hire their 1st employee!

Janurary-May 2021


Smala launches its subscription offer, “la tribu”, and sets up in a new warehouse in Carquefou (2000 m2) and now has 36 employees



Smala officially becomes a “purpose-driven” company and donates 102,000 items of clothing to 3 associations (Secours Populaire, Orphelin vert & Senegaëlle)

May 2022


Smala raises 4M€ and sets a goal of selling 1 million items this year.

Meet the team


Anne Sauvion-Ratier


Anne is operations coordinator of Smala

Join us

Currently, 0 job opportunities are available at Smala, and in our startups

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