Les mini mondes

Les mini mondes

Educational magazines and eco-responsible toys, 100% made in France, to help your children discover the world

Les Mini Mondes’ journey began with three devastating observations: the toy industry in France is responsible for 75,000 tonnes of waste per year; these toys are predominantly made in China; and parents are wary of too much gender-based marketing for toys. The team began to problem-solve with determination, interviewed more than 200 parents, and decided to shake things up a bit. Mission accomplished. Their iconic toys are made from recycled plastic, made in Brittany, and are compostable.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Duchemin family, the protagonists of the Mini Mondes, set out to visit all the countries of the world and meet local characters. The story does away with stereotypical-gendered characters such as firefighters (for boys) and princesses (for girls). The story is intended to be non-gendered, inclusive, and to offer a responsible and thoughtful pedagogy.

The Mini Mondes produces its toys from recycled PLA (waste from the production of yoghurt plates) and recycled PP (plastic bottles) and it recycles its defective products to produce new ones.

September 2019


One of our industrial partners tells us about an incredible material they’re developing. We want to focus on the toy industry, so we look for an entrepreneur to help us see the industry more clearly: Quentin is our very first applicant for our brand new Welcome To The Jungle page! It was mutual (professional) love at first sight!

Spring 2019


Marine joins the adventure; we still look for the main characters of the Mini Mondes story

One day at the beginning of summer 2019

Core story

Rob’s daughter draws a family of four eggs… here it is, the Duchemin family was born :)


First metrics

Already 1M€ turnover!

September 2021


3,5M€ Seed Round; already a team of 20!

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