Supporting women in all aspects of feminine hygiene

Jho is a digital, organic, certified, transparent, modern brand that respects women and the planet. Jho offers a wide range of healthy, effective, and generous hygienic protections: organic tampons, organic sanitary napkins, menstrual panties, menstrual cups and organic panty liners. Soon, Jho will also offer hormone-free, organic, and natural products to provide daily support to women as they go through the major changes associated with menopause.

Sustainable Development Goals

Jho has launched various product lines serving women from their first period all the way through menopause.

Every year, Jho gives 1.7% of its sales to 5 fantastic NGOs that have significant impact on the health of hundreds of women

Since the first prototype, Jho has made products that are environmentally friendly. The production uses organic textiles (GOTS labelled) without chlorine bleaching.

Protecting women since 2018

July 2017

First meet

Rob, Dorothée & Coline first meet. Their goal: to design a more honest brand of hygiene products for women.

April 2018


Commercial website launched! 1200 clients from month 1!

Janurary 2019


First seed Round (700k€)

December 2019

First metrics

1M€ in sales revenues for this first full year!

March 2020

Key milestones

Menstrual panties launch

May 2020


Second 2M€ seed Round

November 2021


100 000€ donated to 5 associations: Cavoequiva, Girls Excel, Gynécologie Sans Frontières, Ravnala pour Madagascar & Acars Association

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