Microalgae enabling precision medicine

BlueCare discovery, a marine biotechnology startup, develops microalgae active ingredients for healthcare. We draw our inspiration from the oceans and their immense biodiversity, to develop innovative medical treatments that are both effective and environmentally friendly. The field of application for innovative microalgae bioactive compounds is huge ; they could, for example, help prevent Alzheimer's disease. With its proprietary platform, BlueCare will develop & distribute solutions for the nutraceutical, biomedicinal, dermato-cosmetic and animal health sectors, contributing to the development of the enormous potential of microalgae.

Sustainable Development Goals

By developing bioactive compounds that tackle chronic diseases before the onset of symptoms, BlueCare is contributing to the healthcare revolution.

We commit to develop active compounds that are stable and effective during treatments, and safe for the environment once they have been eliminated by the body.

Microalgae enabling precision medicine

November 2018

First seeds of the project

First seeds of the project Researcher Benoît Serive wants to turn scientific observations - microalgae active molecules - into concrete health solutions. First meeting with Emilie Abel from Imagination Machine during a Startup Weekend. 2020: laureate of the Eco Innovation Factory (Atlanpole).

February 2022

Entrepreneur in Residence

Benoît joins Imagination Machine. An R&D phase begins for BlueCare discovery thanks to a collaboration with 5 academic laboratories and 5 private European companies.

September 2022

Company creation

BlueCare discovery officially is a company.

April 2023

First preclinical testing

Launch of a preclinical trial dedicated to neurodegeneration.

June 2023


BlueCare discovery is a finalist in Crédit Mutuel's 4S Semeur d'innovation competition.

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