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Beem democratizes access to solar energy and gives control back to you for your household's electricity consumption! Beem develops and markets a range of hardware and software products with an unmatched user experience and aims to be the first “love brand” in the world of energy for individuals. In 2020, Beem launched an aesthetic, modular and connected plug & play solar kit that allows anyone to become a producer and consumer of their own green and local energy in less than an hour. The goal? Greater energy autonomy, optimization of electricity consumption, and a reduction in the carbon footprint of Beemers!

Sustainable Development Goals

With excellent product optimization, Beem creates innovative products with a highly competitive price in the solar energy industry.

Low pricing and easy setup make Beem products real solutions for ecological transition


First meet

The Imagination Machine team meets Ralph Feghali, CEO, and Pierre Emmanuel Roger, CTO



The company is incorporated; Arthur Kenzo joins as the Chief Design Officer; the very first prototypes are functional; we launch pre-orders (20k€ from April 2019!); 2M€ seed Round

Summer 2020


First sales, mass production launched



Beem wins the FILEX Low Carbon 2020 Trophy, the CES 2021 Francophone Village pitch competition and the West Web Awards for the Most Beautiful Epic of the Ecological Transition 2021

October 2021


Beem raises 7M€ to support its development

Meet the team


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Currently, 0 job opportunities are available at Beem, and in our startups

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