Zest for life

Improving quality of life for people with chronic disease

Zest for Life, peri-therapeutic support for people with chronic disease

Medicine is becoming more and more efficient. We heal bodies and treatments cure illnesses, but sometimes we forget to accompany people on their journey through illness. At Zest, we support a holistic approach to healthcare. It has been proven that paramedical support makes a huge difference to a person’s long-term health: better quality of life, fewer emergency hospitalizations, less depression, better compliance with treatment, less time off work, etc.

Living well with illness is not a given. Zest for Life aims to make peri-therapeutic support available to all those who need it.

Zest for Life, the essential complement to medical care via a personalized, multidisciplinary paramedical pathway
Our programs, tailored to each individual, combine Therapeutic Patient Education and complementary therapies (dietetics, psychology, physical activity). We work on the 5 pillars of quality of life: personal & emotional life, mental and physical health, social life, and professional life. Our certified health professionals share the keys and tools to help everyone make progress, according to their challenges and at their own pace.

What’s next for Zest?

Since spring 2023, Zest for Life has been in the exploration phase. We have listened to many patients affected by very different chronic pathologies, with varying levels of maturity in their relationship with illness. We’ve also met and interviewed a wide range of healthcare players, including doctors, health centers, laboratories, mutual insurance companies, healthcare start-ups. We are convinced that Zest for Life can help shape the future of healthcare for the benefit of patients and society as a whole. A first subscription-based offer will be launched by the end of 2023. Get ready!

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