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Eat less meat

Through a series of 4 articles published on Continuous Reconstruction, Rob Spiro introduced startup ideas to eat less meat. You can call them “almost” ideas” or hunches to explore.Here’s a list of 6 prompts for ideas to reduce meat consumption:

  • Develop exciting products or services for aspiring vegetarians and vegans.
  • Help introduce more meat-free or meat-reduced options to restaurant menus
  • Do more with beans
  • Renew the tempeh category
  • Build a brand around a label of environmentally-friendly livestock farms
  • Create more alternatives to dairy products

Do you see opportunities for projects where business and impact meet? Do you operate in one of the above areas? We’d love to hear from you! And if you have other ideas to share, feel free to join the conversation – we’re actively looking for co-founders and answers to the complex subject of “eating less meat” at Imagination Machine.