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Clean air conditioning

Air-conditioning intensifies global warming, and the phenomenon is getting worse: the amount of equipment used to lower the temperature in our homes is increasing. Today’s energy-hungry air-conditioning systems already account for 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The refrigerant gas used to cool the air is highly polluting.
Cooling, ventilating, dehumidifying, purifying. What if we were to create intelligent solutions – more efficient, less energy-consuming, and healthier – to improve indoor air quality? Which low-tech and high-tech solutions should be prioritized? How can we judiciously combine hard and software solutions to bring comfort and well-being to our future users?

We want to co-create the start-up that maximizes air quality in the home. Do you have a project already up and running, or some ideas and the desire to crack this “hot” topic with us? We’re looking for co-founding entrepreneurs, so get in touch!