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Jho is a new brand of tampons & pads made from 100% organic cotton, available online for monthly subscription. For each box purchased, a box is given to a woman in need.

Imagination Machine partnered with two talented entrepreneurs within our Startup Studio, Coline and Dorothée, to bring jho to life in April, 2018.



The best food from the local market & weekly recipes, delivered in under 60 minutes. Powered by an ingenious model of lightweight logistics. Currently live in Nantes, France.

Imagination Machine partnered with two talented entrepreneurs, Reynald and Nicholas, to bring ViteMonMarché to life in December, 2017. We have since been joined by GoCapital and other great investors to take ViteMonMarché to scale.


Fifty Truck

A new software platform to digitize and optimize the freight industry, yielding massive economic & environmental benefits.

Imagination Machine invested in FiftyTruck in September, 2017.