Imagination Machine


About us

We create new companies

Imagination Machine is a startup studio: we come up with big ideas, recruit talented entrepreneurs to work on them with us, and act as a cofounder for the long-term. We provide initial financing, a powerful network of partners in France and Silicon Valley, and intense hands-on help. Occasionally we invest in startups that already exist and become operational partners.

We use a custom methodology that combines elements of Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design, and Agile Engineering. The goal is to come up with ambitious ideas rooted in real user problems, then very rapidly find out if (and how) they'll work.

We are driven by our values

We are specifically focused on big ideas that improve our societies and planet. We see massive opportunities to innovate in enabling healthy daily life with good food, clean products, and healthy habits; in bringing people together to spend more time with friends, family and community; in doing more with less, by reusing goods in the circular economy or optimizing our use of existing infrastructure; in applying renewable energy technologies to new sectors and consumer populations; in bringing great lifelong education and smart media to a mass audience; and many more domains where our values align with big economic opportunities.

founded by rob spiro in Nantes, France

Imagination Machine is run by Rob Spiro, an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who made his way to Nantes, France. Rob was previously the cofounder of Aardvark, a social search engine that was acquired by Google; a product manager at Google on Hangouts and other products; and he was the founder and CEO of Good Eggs, an online grocery store in the Bay Area focused on local food from high-integrity food producers.

Rob is joined by Anne-Gaelle Fayemi Wiesebron and Emilie Abel on the Imagination Machine team. We host all of our companies in our office in Nantes, based inside La Cantine Numérique.

In partnership with the entrepreneur community of Nantes

We are proud to have a powerful network of investors and collaborators in Nantes working with us on all of our projects. Imagination Machine counts among its shareholders Julien Hervouet of iAdvize, Adrien Poggetti of La Cantine, Vincent Roux of Intuiti, Groupe Eram, Groupe Dubreuil, Lacroix Group, Groupe Armor, Banque CIC-Ouest, CETIH, Fred de Gombert and Nicolas Dupont of Akeneo, Pierre Antoine of Kinow, Guillaume Allain of Lucca, Edouard de Miollis, and more.